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Oh Joy! Cup black gold inside

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You’re guests will do a double take when you regular tea or coffee in my whimsical cup.

Custom made in Poland, the design features modern elements for a stunning piece of kitchenware. These cups are perfect for teatime and would make the perfect gift for a friend. Supplies are limited.

Created by Natalia Gruszecka, designer and graduate of ceramics at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Poland.

Fired in high temperature 2220 Fahrenheit (1220 Celsius). Inside covered with real gold 12% and fired again in 1526 Fahrenheit (830 Celsius)


Material - 

English porcelain Bone China 
Finishing - inside painted with 12% content of real gold
Size - 6,5cm H, vol 150ml

It's gold inside and mate outside with little circles on it's texture.

*Safe to everyday use for coffee and tea.