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Onyx Styling Service Pack

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If you need some time with us to create your designer room together. In that case, Onyx Styling Service Pack is for you. Let us build a board full of inspiration and solutions for you.

How it works:

• We will visit your home to take your brief. 

• From your brief, we build you an inspirational mood board that will offer solutions to all the elements needed for your space from colors, furniture, lighting, flooring, window treatment, and accessories. 

• We will return to your home to present your board. We will provide a shopping guide with details of all the elements shown on the board, with prices and details of where to shop for each item. For Onyx Styling Service Pack you will have the 3D Visualisation, Mood Board, Room Layout, Shopping List and DIY List.

• With this service empowers you to take the project forward with confidence and at your own pace.


If your lifestyle means that you just do not have the time to get your project off the ground alone, we can help! Make an appointment, email to:


Our Team is ready and happy to guide

you through the whole process!


Please note that the $799 does not include the prices of any decorative products and accessories purchased for the makeover.