Vase Gold Lattice - Decoriia
Vase Gold Lattice - Decoriia

Vase Gold Lattice

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Hand blown vase 26cm with a delicate 24-karat gold pattern.

Minor glass imperfections do not affect the value of the products but are the result of the traditional process of hand-crafting which requires highest competencies from the staff and also guarantees, that the product is unique and one of its kind.

Created by polish designer Marcin Mloczkowski.

Material - Hand blown glass 
Finishing - 24-carat gold pattern ornamentation
Size - 26 cm H 


*All decorations are dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing with mild detergents to preserve the glamour of the fine gold adornment.

*All decorations with precious metals adornments are not safe for use in microwave ovens.